The Pull of the Sea

The breeze was cool as it gently brushed her hair away from her face, her cheeks turning slightly rosey in colour. Her pace had slowed as she moved closer to the sea, the sand allowing her feet to sink a little deeper with each step forward. She could feel the tiny grains spilling over the tops of her trainers and making their way down to mingle amongst her toes.

Watching the water gently lap across the shore her mind began to wander once again. memories flooded her mind as the sea flooded the sands. It was such a peaceful place, somewhere to think and reflect. Her mother’s ashes were here. She knew when the time came this is where she wanted to finish her story too, the only real question left to answer was ‘when?’

Granted life had recently left her feeling as though she was already drowning, but her family and friends had held her up and kept her from sinking down too far. She had found a peace she didn’t expect to feel, in a place she never expected to find it. But the pull of the sea still called to her. How easy it would be to simply keep walking. To take a few more steps and allow the sea to carry her further, to lift the weight from her feet and allow her to finally rest. To feel the water wash away her fears, and worries. Her doubts and concerns. To finally be free.

As her mind began to float forward towards the sea in front of her, a gentle tugging pulled her back to the shore. Looking down, her four legged friend looked back up at her. His curled tail gently wiggling side to side, his quirky features patiently waiting for her to lean down and give him another fuss. How can a little furry friend save her from herself so often without even a word? She didn’t know, all she knew was he did, over and over again, and probably always would.

She knew deep down she didn’t want to let go just yet. There were things she wanted to do, memories left to make, and people left to love. The sea just always seemed to have the ability to pull her in if she looked out towards it for too long.

‘Not today’ she thought, as she pulled her feet out of the sand and her gaze away from the water.

Making her way back up to the sea wall she looked down and smiled. Her little companions feet were gently trotting along, his nails tapping the floor below. ‘Let’s get you home, hey?’ She whispered.

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