Today, I put some things away.

Sometimes, I get the urge to have a big sort out. To throw things away. Pick things up. Move things around and find things new places to go. And I’m someone who loves to hold onto things. Little trinkets and toys. Tiny things with big memories attached. But we can only hold onto so many things, and soon our home, and our minds, can become cluttered with too many reminders. So today, I decided to put some things away.

I tidied up the various giraffe ornaments my Dad has bought me over the years. The little glass cat that used to belong to Mum. The collection of wooden owls that were once my Nans. The little bits and bobs I’ve collected over the years from various places, people and pastimes. I didn’t throw these things away, I don’t think I ever will, but it was time to clear my mind and our home just a little. Make way for new memories. Because I don’t need to keep everything on show to value it. I still have those trinkets. I’ve still got those memories. I’m just trying to look to the future, not live in the past. And hey, I’ve never been very good at dusting anyway.


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